Minimum Rental Requirements

  1. Prior favorable rental history of at least 1 year for each applicant/married couple.
  2. Positive reference(s) from previous landlord(s).
  3. Each individual applicant's total monthly income is at least 3x the monthly rent amount. Each married couple's income monthly income is at least 3x monthly amount. Section 8 recipient exceptions considered for Section 8 approved properties.
  4. Individual applicant or married couple applicant's total monthly income is at least their total monthly expenses.
  5. Verifiable source of income or employment. Applicant has maintained the same verifiable source of income for at least 90 days.
  6. No prior evictions, judgments, collections or liens from former landlords. No negative notices of any kind issued by present or previous landlords.
  7. No more than 3 tenants (including children 18 years or younger of primary applicant or co-applicant) to a 1 bedroom unit or 5 tenants to a 2 bedroom unit--OR a reasonable number of tenants given the size of a unit. This is a rule of thumb. The number of tenants reasonably allowed at a given property will be determined by the property manager &/or owner of the property. 
  8. No prior convictions or pending court case/charges of felonies, especially (but not limited to) assault, violent crimes, drug related or sexual offenses. Some misdemeanors may possibly disqualify as well.
  9. ALL prospective tenants age 18 and older (including children) must truthfully and completely fill out and sign application paperwork and pay the required non-refundable application processing fee of $35 per individual.
  10. Applicant must provide current official picture I.D. such as driver's license or state issued I.D.card. Proof of Social Security Number (SSN) is required in order for Pifer Real Estate to run necessary credit report, etc. Copies of a current/past pay stubs/proof of income may be required. Other documentation may become necessary in the course of screening.
  11. Applicant must pay full rent amount due and full deposit required PRIOR to occupancy.
  12. If pets are allowed at a property a full pet deposit or pet fee is required PRIOR to occupancy. No aggressive breeds allowed due to insurance restrictions.
  13. All information on rental application and/or credit report must be able to be verified (i.e., accurate phone numbers, account numbers, etc. MUST be provided by prospective tenants).
  14. Credit: while we prefer to see "good" credit for all applicants, we do have some discretion here--we will consider your "big picture" credit-wise, so please talk to us if this is the only requirement holding you back! However, applicants should know that their credit history will impact our decision making.
  15. Information provided on application MUST be truthful. If found to be less than truthful, application may be denied, or if already placed in a property when untruth discovered, applicant may be required to vacate/be evicted.

Failure to meet the above criteria will result in one or more of the following:
     * Denial of rental application.
     * Requiring a qualified Co-Signer. This option is not always available.
     * Requiring an additional security deposit if deemed to be more of a "risk".

Grounds For Immediate Denial
We're sorry, but: There are some things a co-signer or additional deposit won't help!
**Felony criminal history will result in immediate denial of application**
**A poor rental reference will result in immediate denial of application**
**Applicants will be denied residency for incomplete or false information provided on his/her application**

**NOTE: Pifer Real Estate accepts applications on a "first come, first served" basis. However, in the event that there are multiple applications for the same property, the most qualified will have first option
**Co-signers are not offered as an option in every circumstance--we prefer that applicants be able to "stand on their own."**

Pifer Real Estate does not deny tenancy based on any of the following criteria: Race, color, religion, sex, national origin, physical or mental handicaps, or familial status.

For more information, below are publications from the North Carolina Real Estate Commission:
Questions and Answers on: Renting Residential Real Estate 
Questions and Answers on: Tenant Security Deposits​

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To apply, download the application and complete for each tenant over the age of 18. Scan and email to along with your ID and income verification from the last 30 days. Once your application and emailed documentation have been reviewed for basic requirements, we will email you a link from TransUnion's for a credit & background report. The website will charge you $35/pp
​(18 & over). This is non-refundable.